John Rowoldt

Real Estate Broker


While spending most of his career at the Chicago Board of Trade, John created a real-estate leasing business in 2009 fulfilling a dream he has had since middle school. In forming the company, John has walked through and researched hundreds of homes, to find hidden values worth investing in. Since selling his share in the company, he has dedicated full time to helping clients find values, visualize possibilities, estimating costs of remodeling, and contracting himself to have the work done.

With for-sale inventory at its lowest since the housing crash 10 years ago, John can help expand your possibilities of analyzing fixer uppers vs. move-in-ready. If you are selling, he can determine what items will help drive a sale and contract out the work so you don’t have to.

John has recently gone through the process of buying, renovating, and moving to Geneva with his wife and three kids within the last year.